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Stocking Shimeji by ran-hime Stocking Shimeji by ran-hime
:iconnorequests: :iconnorequests: :iconnorequests:

I've disabled comments after receiving quite a lot asking how to download these (even with the easy enough to follow instructions I already provided) and also that my shimejis aren't working and such problems like that. Please read the instructions below and visit the FAQ I linked if you're still having problems.

As for upcoming shimeji's, I may have mentioned it to some but there's a good chance I may not make the rest. I've neither the interest nor spare time to allocate to this project.
Following that up, I'd appreciate if people could please stop requesting for me to LINK them to the other shimejis. ^^; I honestly would share them with everyone if ever they existed but because they remain incomplete, I sadly cannot.

With that, thank you all VERY MUCH for enjoying my shimejis and for the lovely comments you left me. I really do appreciate them. :)

If you have any more comments, questions and concerns that have been unanswered, feel free to drop me a line. ^^

Yeah! :iconblushingplz:

Stocking Shimeji from the anime Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
Ehh... Sorry if it's not as "animated" as others since I used minimal frame movements. xD;;;
Also, tried my best to get rid of any white pixels so hope you like! ouo

Used ~karu-kumi-2's Austria template which was in turn, based on !crazy-chibi's Japan and England Shimeji

:bulletpurple:Chuck Shimeji: [link]

How to use:
1. Click button at the topmost right of this page to download file
2. Extract with winRAR
3. Under the folder Shimeji_Stocking > Click "Shimeji" App
4. Enjoy

I will no longer be helping nor answering any more questions about why you can't use my shimejis. I've described how to properly download them and I am positive the files are all intact. Please figure it out on your own.

For those having problems:
- You need to download winRAR to be able to extract (Google if you don't know where to dl)
- You need to have JAVA for her to work
- view FAQ here for more info on what a shimeji is --> [link]

This is the original Japanese Shimeji Version but if you already have the Shimeji-ee, just drag the img folder of this stocking one to the img folder on Shimeji-ee.

Translation of the Japanese popup menu:
1. Add another one
2. Follow mouse
3. Reduce to one
4. Bring back IE (in case she throws your browser off screen)
5. Close Program/Bye bye

The original shimeji file was made by group-finity --> [link]
and the English enhanced version can be found here --> [link]

Please do not take/use my PSG shimeji designs to make your own PSG shimeji.
For ones who downloaded my shimejis, please ask my permission before reuploading them anywhere else. Thanks. :3
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.


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December 26, 2010
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